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Northern Minnesota holistic coaching services 


Everyone’s path is different, which is why I offer a myriad of services.  If you are unsure of where to begin, I offer a complementary discovery call to learn more about where you are at and the kind of transformation you want to make.

Holistic coaching will help you go inward and remove the obstacles that prevent you from living the life you truly deserve.

1:1 Coaching

They don’t talk about the part where the caterpillar sits in the cocoon before it becomes a butterfly.  My 1:1 coaching helps you through this stage.  We will use rituals and routines that speak to your spiritual self to help you transform.   The commitment is an hour every other week for 3 months so you can truly transform.  Can be done virtually or safely in person.

Investment: $1000.00
Timeframe: Six weeks

Holistic Coaching Retreats

If you love the outdoors and connecting with other spiritual souls, this is meant for you!  I host holistic coaching retreats every other month where we hike, meditate, and bond through shared experiences.  We welcome both people local to my home state of Minnesota, but from all over the country.

Investment: $1000.00
Next Session: November 14th, Bayfield 

Self Connection Course

My course is available for you to take at your own pace.  It lives online so you can access it whenever you are in need of a pick me up.  The modules include meditations, breathwork, journaling exercise and more.  This is a great complementary tool that I recommend to my 1:1 clients and retreat alums as well.

Investment: $1000.00
Timeframe: Up to YOU


Reach out

Even if you would rather take my course, let’s virtually meet.  I would love to hold space and hear more about where you are at and how you want to transform.


We find your path

After we talk, I’ll send a follow up message with some recommended steps and resources for you. 


You transform

This is the best part my friend!  Resistance will lessen, and you will start to see the beautiful momentum of being aligned bring forward the clarity you desire.


kind words

Another testimonial “I went on Sasha’s North Shore retreat, and it was exactly what I needed.  My life had been so hectic and the simplest tasks felt like work.  Taking a break from my screens, career, and family roles was just what my soul needed.”

Anna Nobody

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