I’m Sasha, it’s so nice to meet you

Holistic coaching changed how I see myself.


Years ago, my life had some rough changes.  My partner and I separated, and it was messy.  As we divided up what once was a life and home together, I felt lost and disconnected.  My lack of confidence and clarity led me down a path of bad choices, and after losing my job and eventually having to move out of my home, I looked for help.


At first, I tried therapy but it was too cut and dry.  It didn’t speak to my spiritual roots.  It wasn’t until I started working with a holistic coach that I started to see changes in who I was.  

“Life is always in  motion, so you can not be stuck.”  Ester Hicks

Keep them reading – After my transformation, I felt called to guide others.

Holistic coaching combines rituals and routines with guided steps to help you let go of resistance and reconnect with you you are.  I quickly learned that all the answers I seeked were inside, I just needed guidance to clear away the fog so I could step back onto my aligned path.


If you are traveling through the rough waters, feel lost, or have lost your spark, let’s talk.  I’m proud to say my story is one I now use to inspire and help fellow women reconnect with their highest selves. 

In need of inspiration? I’ll send meditations and more your way.