When you are aligned, everything is possible!


Holistic coaching for spiritual women who want to connect to their highest selves.

 Feel like you’ve lost touch with who you are?  Life has many chapters, and you deserve to choose how the pages are written.  My coaching services are designed to bring you into alignment with your highest self so you can rediscover who you are and take charge of your future!

You already have all the answers. I’ll ask the right questions to bring them forward.


When you are stuck in your own head, you only see one perspective.  My holistic coaching helps you reclaim who you are using natural, rooting techniques.

1:1 Coaching


We will spend an hour together every other week for 6 months so we can tune in and tap into your best self.  Every journey and the tools we use is unique, but will result in a happier, healthier grounded you!  Can be done virtually or safely in person. .

Coaching Retreats


Do you thrive in a group setting and want to meet other like minded spiritual women?  My holistic coaching retreats happen every other month at a variety of locations.  They are the perfect way to recharge and reclaim your highest vibration. 

Self connection course


If investing in 1:1 coaching or a retreat feels like too much, you can take my online course with meditations, breath work, and other healing exercises at your own pace.  It comes with lifetime access so you can revisit any pieces when you feel ungrounded. 

Hello, I’m Sasha!  

 It’s no coincidence that you landed here.   Everything unfolds as it should, and this is at the core of my coaching.  When we feel unfulfilled, we search for guidance.  The good news is you are your own best guide, so the search is over.  The challenging part of being your own best guide is there’s a lot to uncover, which is why I’m here to help.  I’ve been out of alignment many times in my life.  Stepping back into it can be challenging.  You don’t have to do it alone, my holistic coaching will support you each step of the way.

kind words

“Sasha’s holistic coaching has helped me find the confidence and clarity I lost after becoming a mom.  I am back to feeling like myself and living life with a balance between loving my family and myself.”

Jane Doe

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Your blog can share 3 pillars:

Value – giving advice or helpful tips to your clients Services- talk about what you do and how it helps others.  You can share client stories if you change names or experiences your clients have had.Personality – Share your personal stories, travels, life outside your business as long as it is something that relates to you client

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Example: Value – Two affirmations to start your day off the right way


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Services – Our last retreat  – Full day hike and group session in Duluth


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Personality – How holistic coaching changed my life

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