You’re passionate about your purpose and business.  Our WordPress website design templates will bring your brand to life with an eye-catching, easy-to-use website. 

 You care about your clients, and it should show!  With the right visuals and messaging, your website will be a magnet for those who share your values!

Creating a website that represents all that you do shouldn’t be frustrating or blow your budget.  Our website templates allow you to bring your brand to life!  You can keep the fonts, colors, and imagery as is, or easily change them up so they align with your visual brand.  Each one of our WordPress website design templates has it’s own flavor, so you can find the right fit for your business!

Here at True North Templates,

we got you.

For years, we’ve been creating websites!  From design elements, messaging, copywriting, photography, we’ve done it all.  We’ve worked together and separately on and off, but found our favorite websites were created when we collaborated together. 

It may sound like a rom com, but we’ve partnered together again to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs build cohesive, clear websites that are budget friendly.   

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photography master

Angela Knox

Angela’s first business focused on creative wedding photography.  After working every weekend of the summer for 7 years, she shifted to brand photography, and soon thereafter founded The Divine Group, a branding agency.  She loves helping wellness professionals, authors, and sustainable brands translate their message into one of a kind imagery.  Kelly and her partnered on MN Branding CO back in 2018 (RIP) and have remained biz besties ever since.


design geek

Kelly Wittman

Kelly is the owner of Witt and Company, a brand strategy and design studio that helps small business owners create consistent and cohesive branding. She happily wears the title of ‘unemployable’ and is on a mission to help entrepreneurs create their version of success.

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