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Divi WordPress Website Templates

As a new business owner, you have probably asked yourself the question: Do I really need a website?

The truth is, you don’t own your Instagram, Facebook page/groups, LinkedIn profile or TikTok. If these companies decide to shift, shutdown or change how they operate, how would you connect with your audience?

A website is essential because you own it!  And even better, you don’t have to break the bank if you are starting out. 

Our affordable WordPress website templates are designed for new business owners who need to get a website up and running in hours so they can get clients and establish their online presence. 




In addition to the user-friendly layout and pleasing design, each template also comes with a copy guide so you won’t get stuck on what to say or where to say it.

As for the images, they’re yours to use as you please BUT each template also includes an image guide that walks you through what belongs and where.

If hiring a team to design, create copy, pull images and build a customizable website is out of reach, check out our WordPress website templates so you can bring you brand to life online!

Make it easy on yourself to get your website up and running with one of our WordPress website template designed specifically for new business owners! 




Wordpress Website Templates

doin’ things a little different around here

Not your average template.

Easy to personalize

Our templates are made in DIVI which means you can see your changes live! Customizing is easy and efficient which means you can say goodbye to hours of research when you want to make a simple change.

Natural and Organic, Not Flashy

Craving a more grounded, organic style? We’re here to serve the small business owner that likes the simplicity of an easy-to-use website that supports your business, without the glitz and glimmer.

Custom Feel, Affordable Price

Not everyone is ready to invest in a custom website design. That’s where we come in – True North Templates are specifically designed to feel like a custom website without the price tag.

Comes with a copy guide

If the idea of writing your own copy makes you cringe, each template comes with a copy guide!  This will lay out what needs to go in each copy block of the website so finding the right words isn’t a struggle.

Wordpress is great for SEO

Want to be found organically online?  WordPress websites are great for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so your ideal clients can find you via Google or web search.

Comes with an Imagery Guide

You can keep the images that are on the website, but we will also suggest what images to use for each template.  This list will allow you take them on your own or hire a pro photographer.

Wordpress Website Design Templates Web Designer

meet your dynamic duo

So a photographer and designer walk into a bar…

After a few drinks and a lotta wings, we knew we had to collaborate! Both of us are aligned with helping purpose-driven businesses stand out online and in the past, we’ve blended our skills of brand messaging, design and photography to create cohesive, consistent websites and brands for local business owners. We got the band back together for this new venture so we could help more passionate, mission-based entrepreneurs, like yourself, make the impact you deserve!